PDS Method Handbook: Reliability Prediction Method for Safety Instrumented Systems

PDS method handbook

The “PDS Method Handbook” gives a description of the PDS method, including the mathematical details. It has also been the objective to make it comprehensible to the non-expert.

The IEC-standards 61508 (”Functional safety of safety-related systems”) and IEC 61511 (Functional safety — Safety instrumented systems for the process industry sector) provide useful information and guidance on safety requirements regarding the use of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS). In the latest «PDS Method Handbook» the notation has been further updated in order to be in line with the IEC standard. The objective has been to “keep the best of the PDS method and at the same time to adapt the method to terms and requirements in IEC”.

New features of this 2013 Edition of the PDS Method Handbook include:

  • Calculations for multiple safety systems
  • Updated model for common cause calculations
  • Thorough discussion of different demand mode situations
  • How to incorporate the effect from reduced proof test coverage (PTC)

An electronic version (in PDF-format) of the first three chapters of the PDS Method Handbook (2010 Edition) can be viewed here.