Reliability of Safety Instrumented Systems

PDS-forum has 29 member organisations representing energy companies, engineering companies, consultants, vendors and researchers, with a special interest in Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS). The participants are meeting twice a year for workshops, presentations and technical discussion.

Most members of the PDS Forum are also members of CDS-forum, an industry forum for cybersecurity of Industrial automation and control systems.

Next PDS-forum: 18-19 April 2023

Physical meeting in Trondheim and virtual meeting

PDS Method and Data Handbooks

SINTEF has developed a method for quantifying the reliability/availability of safety systems, called the PDS method. The method is widely used in the petroleum industry, but is also applicable to other business sectors. The method is accompanied by a detailed data handbook that provides reliability data based on field feedback for safety equipment.

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PDS-forum Members